Our Mission

Unlocking the resources of the cosmos through new material processing technologies


Welcome to Terraxis

Welcome to Terraxis. We are a pioneering space technology company dedicated to unlocking the resources of the cosmos. Our team, helmed by experienced engineers and visionaries, is committed to creating new solutions and technologies for extraterrestrial resource extraction. We are driven by the potential of space exploration and the opportunities it holds for humanity. Our mission is to open the vast resources of our solar system through innovative material processing technologies.

Our flagship project is the OASIS (Oxygen/Resource Acquisition System In-Situ), a cutting-edge vacuum pyrolysis reactor designed to extract valuable elements from lunar regolith. With OASIS, we aim to provide NASA and other commercial entities the ability to support a sustained presence on the moon. The reactor leverages inductive power transfer to superheat lunar regolith, dissociating raw minerals into component molecules such as oxygen, iron, and aluminum.

At Terraxis, we understand that the future of space exploration relies on the efficient utilization of extraterrestrial resources. We believe that our unique approach to resource extraction will revolutionize how we approach sustainability in space. By developing OASIS, we hope to contribute significantly to the establishment of lunar bases, providing essential resources for human habitation.

OASIS (Oxygen/Resource Acquisition System In-Situ)

The future of in-situ resource utilization

3000 C

Operating Temperature

O2, Ti, Si, Fe

Extractable Elements

1000 kg/year

Resource Extraction

The OASIS resource extractor

Pictured here is the OASIS (Oxygen/Resource Acquisition System In-Situ) reactor, a testament to Terraxis' commitment to space resource utilization. This intricate piece of technology is an active operational prototype that represents the forefront of our lunar resource extraction efforts. Its sleek design houses an innovative system that uses inductive power transfer to superheat a reaction chamber, a process that enables the evaporation and dissociation of lunar regolith.

Upon closer inspection, you can see the complex engineering and meticulous attention to detail that has gone into developing the OASIS reactor. Each component is precisely designed and assembled to withstand the high operating temperatures needed to break down lunar regolith into its constituent elements, such as oxygen, iron, and aluminum. This image represents the culmination of years of rigorous research and development, and it signifies our bold vision for the future of space exploration and resource utilization.

Our Team

Andreas Jochum


Andreas is a visionary electrical engineer who spent six years running NicaDrone, a developer of electropermanent magnetic devices, including the UAV EPM grippers and EPM magnetorquers. Andreas has led the design of the OpenGrab EPM v3 200N gripper. He also led development of other EPM grippers including ProDropper, a larger 400N EPM gripper that was developed for a Swiss firm that is now using the grippers for UAV package delivery. NicaDrone has sold over 1000 copies of its EPM grippers, for applications ranging from drones, to robotic end effectors and 3d printer separable interfaces. From his time at NicaDrone, Andreas has developed a reputation as an industry expert in EPM gripper technology. 

At Terraxis, Andreas brings his proven track record of technical innovation and design expertise to the development of the VAPRE resource extractor.

Jon Zelon

Product Development Advisor

Mr. Zelon (MS, MBA, PMP) has over 40 years of diverse experience working with large and small companies providing program management, project engineering, systems engineering, organization design, program and product development, Concept of Operations (ConOps) definition, strategic planning, conceptual design, hardware development and risk management.  Approximately 10 years of his experience has involved working with international participants.  He has led the definition, management and timely delivery of multiple complex hardware items for space and terrestrial applications. His most recent activities have supported the NASA human lunar lander docking/refueling mechanism definition, commercial Low Earth Orbit destination ConOps development, commercial small satellites and various ISS payload developments.  He is currently an active participant with multiple start-up companies helping them to establish their product development and investment acquisition strategies. 


Over the last five years, Mr. Zelon has provided technical program definition and concept of operations design support to multiple commercial space companies including Space Adventures and Blue Origin.  Prior to that, Mr. Zelon was the Vice President and Chief Engineer for the commercial Excalibur Almaz program leading product development and systems integration of hardware, software and the ground support infrastructure for a space commercial tourist complex.  He was the program manager for a NASA space act agreement to define crew transportation service options employing this system.  He has three patents related to this effort.


While at Boeing, Mr. Zelon was director of the Shuttle Houston Payload Cargo and Systems Integration organization with responsibility for certification of flight readiness of all Shuttle cargo bay elements for ~3 flights per year from 1994-2000 inclusive of certification for all passive and active environments that might impact mission success.  He transitioned to the International Space Station (ISS) and assumed responsibility for establishing the organization and subsequent program management of the development of ISS Flight Support Equipment (FSE), Orbital Support Equipment (OSE) inclusive of the Flight Releasable Attachment Mechanism (FRAM), Ground Support Equipment (GSE), on-orbit external storage and payload systems inclusive of the first two ISS External Storage Platforms (ESPs) – ESP 1 and ESP 2.


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